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Holographic Reflections & Coaching Notes 

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  • November 11, 2020 1:36 PM | Carolyn Winter (Administrator)

    Today is Remembrance day here in Canada. It is no coincidence that it falls in the metal element time of year where qualities of value, respect, and appreciation are energized. My appreciation goes to the families whose loved one were lost so that we could have a life of freedom.

    It is a day when I think of how fortunate my grandparents were to come to this country at the early part of the last century and to live a life of relative peace and security; how lucky I am to be part of the next generations taking root here and how grateful I am to those that served.

    The complex energies of all of us together that make up this country and make it a great place to live, comes from individuals like you and me all doing our part. In my mind to balance the exchange of energy between ourselves and the those who have made great sacrifices we need to pledge to do something good with our lives and do what we can to keep the peace within ourselves and for each other.

    With light and love


  • October 17, 2020 3:18 PM | Carolyn Winter (Administrator)

    Have you written out your Life Vision Intention on your Light Travels membership profile? Whether you have or not, your answer will give you a clue and shed light on your journey navigating your personal holographic universe.

    The point of exploring the patterns within our self and clearing up the non-coherent patterns that are no longer working for us, is so that we can experience our self as living a happy life with happy endings each day and anticipate that we are at the beginning of something wonderful! We are able to look at our lives and say.... "My life makes sense to me so far!"

    In the beginning, our journey can be quite challenging as we manage the ups and downs of life. The key word here is 'manage' because everything we encounter begs us to have some way of dealing with it - a way to manage relationships (significant other, parents, siblings, friends, colleagues etc.) manage time, manage a home, finances etc. But much of our responses to life are done by default - we just act and rarely think about it. Our actions are driven by our beliefs, values, and past experiences - both coherent and non-coherent. As we move forward in life, our unexamined actions can cause us many conflicts, betrayals, or unsatisfying results with life. As time passes, these patterns may become hopelessly entangled. We simply don't know why we are unhappy.

    The life challenges we don't fully recover from may cause us to lose sight of our Life Vision or Purpose and we can feel that life is meaningless. We may get stuck in rut, feel negative about most things, self-critical or judgmental and anticipate life with fear or anxiety. Some express this as being out of touch with their higher self or their soul. Or it may well be that our Light Travels membership profile lacks a vision statement!

    The optimistic thought about navigating a personal holographic universe, is that we can not only move towards our ideal life vision but we have the ability to create happy stories about our life along the way that will help to create it. Psychologists call it a coherent autonomous autobiographical narrative for our life. (Say that fast 3 times in row! LOL)

    Our brain is always anticipating the future with a story of future possibilities AND we are the center of that story. However, it builds on the stories we have already archived about ourselves from the past. What are those stories? How can we reframe the negative ones and think of them as valuable experiences that gave us a gift of some kind.

    I think of the movie "Slum Dog Millionaire" as a great example of this. The hero, Jamal Malik answers a police interrogation with one story of his life after another to help make sense of his winning status on the TV show "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” It portrays how taking every negative experience and looking for the gift or the good it brings us, creates a cumulative effect for anticipating something good happening in our lives.

    The Jamal character demonstrates for us the way to move forward on our life vision no matter how dire our circumstances. In every present moment that we experience, we have a point of choice  to act on. Choose to see the best of every moment and make it positive because each present moment experience becomes a story we tell ourselves that the brain now archives. We want the complete collection of our life stories that the brain is accessing to be (at least on balance) positive, optimistic, compassionate, understanding, and encouraging - YES!!! ...a coherent autonomous autobiographical narrative for our life!

    When we can access the best of who we are - our Life Vision is easy to formulate and we magically move forward towards its manifestation. Like Jamal says in the movie..."It is written."

    Practice creating your amazing life story by writing out your Life Vision Intention. Start small with 2-3 sentences beginning with "I am moving towards my ideal life where...." and fill in the rest. Notice how you feel at the end. 

    For Further support, I warmly invite you to explore your Life Vision and to resonate with the stories that help you to move forward. 

    PS - For added support access this topic as a webinar at the PHD (Personal Holographic Discoveries) Archive Page.  Access over 12 repatterning sessions with a variety of topics.   Join as a premium member for $99/year to access.  

    With light and love


    Acknowledgement - With curiosity I have heard the term a "coherent autonomous autobiographical narrative for our life." a few times in the past but finally understood its full meaning in terms of healing inspired by a "Witt & Wisdom" podcast at www.IntegralLife.com with Dr. Keith Witt and Corey Devos. "Creating a Coherent Life Story". I am so grateful!

  • September 15, 2020 3:30 PM | Carolyn Winter (Administrator)

    Every present moment offers us a point of choice to spiral our energy up towards happiness, relaxation, valuing ourselves and others, being energized and experiencing inner peace, calm, confidence and love.

    Equally, we also have the choice to spiral down on a continuum of darkness that includes upset and tension, being reactive and angry, blaming and complaining, being afraid and depressed. When we have unresolved non coherent patterns buzzing around in our field of energy such as

    • unmet life needs for safety, protection from harm, respect, love, or meaning to name a few, 
    • unresolved earlier experiences, 
    • inherited non coherent energy patterns... 
    ...we can feel like a victim. In that state we tend to compound our patterns and spiral further down. Life can feel miserable. We are totally out of touch with our point of choice.

    But as singer song writer Leonard Cohen wrote ".. there is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in".  In our deepest state of despair we can take the smallest of steps to redirect our energy and spiral upwards. Resonating with that upward movement is key.

    We live in a causal world where everything can affect everything else. What can we do to spiral our energy up? Simply state our intention (in the present tense) "I am happy" "I am confident" "I am love" etc and select a healing option to put energy in our field in support of our intention.

    What healing option?  Practice asking yourself "what would energize my intention in this very moment? What one thing could I listen to? Smell?  say out loud? or what one small micro movement could I take? For me, sometimes it's as simple as tidying up a desk top or putting away one book. It may be you need a short walk, 5 minutes of exercise or that meditation you learned to do online. Ask your inner self and an answer will pop in. Go with the first positive doable thing you hear. Notice how you feel following through.

    In Holographic Coaching, I use muscle checking and a map of options to determine the best action customized for you and your situation today. Different options may check out for the same circumstances on a different day or for another person. Your higher self directs the choices and makes recommendations in the muscle checking process. It's highly customized.

    When we come into an awareness of our point of choice or at least 'fake til we make it' we ignite new qualities in our life - we may feel empowered, lighter, optimistic and confident. We are also better at noticing when we slip backwards and are better able to reverse any downward spiraling course.

    Navigate your personal holographic universe... Become aware of your point of choice. Throughout the day take a 1-2 minute pause and ask yourself "am i spiraling up or down?" Act on your point of choice.  Re-assert your positive intention of where you are going next. Keep it simple.  Intuit one small action you may take to spiral up. Notice how you feel.  Take a breath and notice yourself noticing your point of choice.  It's a small step with inner bigness! 

    With love and light 


  • September 03, 2020 5:11 PM | Carolyn Winter (Administrator)

    Introducing Family Constellation work and repatterning

    One of the more fascinating aspects I have learned in repatterning work is the proliferation of patterns that are 'inherited' frequencies from other family members going back many generations. A body of work by Bert Hellinger, known as Family Constellation work, identifies the underlying energy principles that must be adhered to by a family system in order to create coherent supportive energy that flows to each member, in a particular order.

    A problem created in one generation that goes unresolved tends to surface in subsequent generations with other family members. It has become a pattern that the family conscience works toward finding a resolution with the most available family member. It can be confusing to the present members, especially if they take care of themselves, do lots of inner work and find that certain problems still persist.

    You can get a sense of a system that is in order by looking at an image of a family tree from genealogy. Each generation is typically pictured on its own line. There are rules for where members are placed on each line. Try it for yourself.

    Sketch out a quick draft of your immediate family tree. Arrange family member names in a 'tree' with grandparents on a top line, your parents on line 2 underneath them and you and your siblings on a 3rd line under your parents. Don't leave anyone out (no matter your reason) - all souls must be included in a family system for high coherence. Look at this image and notice how you feel. If looking at a brief mini version of your family tree does not energize you, then chances are it is affecting some area of your life. You may have systemic energy blocks that you will find useful to identify and at least neutralize negative charge it has for you.

    There are a number of energy rules governing a family system - order, soul weight, inclusion, a balance of giving and receiving, systemic loyalties and more.  These energy principals underlie a set of Family Constellation repatterings I use in my work  that many clients find exceptionally valuable as they explore their personal holographic universe more deeply.

    There are a few topics we can explore in the PHD (Personal Holographic Discoveries) monthly group sessions using Family Constellation Repatternings.   I call these topics "ANCESTRAL ECHOES". We'll begin with the "Including the Excluded" repatterning.

    Has someone in your immediate family or in a past generation been excluded - meaning we do not talk about them, removed their picture from the family album, stop inviting them etc. What happens to the family system when we energetically exclude a member? No matter how much they deserve it, there are energetic consequences. Explore this pattern for yourself and join us for the next PHD session Click Here for Details. There is likely a whole river of energy waiting to flow into your life when the block is cleared!

    With love and light


  • July 09, 2020 1:29 PM | Carolyn Winter (Administrator)

    There is something very special about having a vision, knowing and acting on our purpose and passions or at least being able to keep adding to our life story and making sense of our daily life events.  In a generation or two gone by, that vision or purpose was inaccessible to most people,  as family, church or state dictated our lives.  We were happiest when our clan was happy and we did what was expected of us.   Individuals often had to live their lives through the expectations of others suppressing any desires to lead a different life.  A lack of personal happiness would  often lead to non coherent behaviors as work-around solutions.   The eldest son expected to take over the family business instead of following his dream of higher education is a common example or women expected to marry, have children and avoid a career altogether is another. 

    Today, personal happiness has swung the other way and is much more valued in society.     In fact with the pressure to be personally happy, many are at a loss to know what that means.  In my practice I often receive the complaint from clients lamenting they are out of touch with their true purpose.   Not knowing or resonating with our vision or purpose we easily fall victim to life's circumstances.  

    We have the opportunity to make thousands of choices each day .  Each choice we make either enhances our life story or invisibly creates chaos and upset moves towards non coherence when we are out of touch with our purpose. We make decisions so fast that we rarely stop to think of how they fit in with our values and direction we want to take our life. If our overall life vision, purpose or passions are undefined OR worse we know them but do not resonate with them, our life tends to take a course dictated by circumstances or other people. By acting on choices in a field of resonance that supports a life vision, we are supported in mastering the present moment and organically create a life of fulfillment that drives us toward our vision.   A feeling of happiness, contentment and fulfillment often accompanies this field of resonance. We feel at home within ourselves.

    Author Ginnie Whitelaw says 'Everything is energy... resonance is how we shape it"

    Having a life vision and resonating with your life vision helps you to consciously shape each present moment with decisions that support your life vision.  Life starts working out ... better than expected!   However, we must take the time to reflect on what that vision (or purpose or passion) is, and become aware of  how we act on it each day.    What gets in our way?  What decisions are in conflict with our vision?  How are we unconsciously blocking the manifestation of our vision?

    Activate life vision at www.LightTravels.com.    If you are a LightTravels.com member, you are invited to add your vision to your profile to keep your vision in your awareness as you use the site.   Access the power of group energy and add your intention to any of the group sessions here at Light Travels.   Notice how incrementally, you are moving towards your life vision often in unexpected, unexplained ways.  

    With love and light 


  • May 21, 2020 10:31 PM | Carolyn Winter (Administrator)

    With the pandemic fears have most of us still living a cautious scaled back life, our eyes now drained from online zoom visits and each day blurring into the next it is important to focus on our field of energy to stay in that spiralled up state where we can experience the best of our circumstances. One fabulous energy tool to support this principle is the active act of daily appreciation. The intention I like to suggest we resonate with is:

    “I appreciate 3 good things that happened for me today.”

    There is a lot written about the benefits of having an attitude of gratitude, but perhaps one of the most amazing facts is how it can be used to tame the tiger within called anxiety or fear. When we spend as little as 3 minutes appreciating ourselves, our loved ones, the people we work with, the day, the weather, our neighbor, a home cooked meal or a restaurant treat, our vehicle, mother nature and anything else you can think of …. amazing things start happening in our brain. A chemical is released which anchors and expands our feelings of gratitude and squeezes out or cancels fear and anxiety.

    The more we practice verbalizing and thinking about how grateful we are, we become more calm and relaxed, handling challenges with ease. If life challenges seem really overwhelming and that there is little to be grateful for, start with the smallest thing – the weather, your home, your pet etc.In the beginning, our fear and anxiety button may feel more real and easier to engage than being grateful. Saying gratitude statements may feel less than genuine.

    However, I encourage you to hang in and keep flinging gratitude statements whenever you can. Soon your outward experience will come zooming home with positive results. For example, I noticed that when driving, if I forgive those road ragers or overly aggressive drivers and focus on the great roads, the clear map directions, the gift of GPS, how wonderful the city is for maintaining the roads etc. my actual driving experience returns some delightful surprises – very convenient parking spaces, the traffic cop waving me through a construction area unexpectedly, drivers being courteous and traffic flowing better than usual.

    Keep your attitude of gratitude sharp. Quick name 3 good things that have happened for you today:




    Here are mine: I am grateful that today

    1. was a beautiful warm sunny day here in Toronto with a gentle breeze that kept my apartment cool.

    2. a friend that sent over a home cooked dinner (so that i didn't have to cook)

    3. That i made the time to work on a long standing sewing project revitalizing old pillow cases with new trims, recycing a sheet to make ruffles. (it was a fun project that helped me to integrate a new pattern of spending time doing creative things)

    How about you? What 3 good things that have happened for you today?

    with love and light 


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