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Transformative Sessions 

Where is life sending you a signal to change?  Our present moment circumstances give us a place to start!

Signs that we are ready for internal changes occur all the time when things don't work out as expected in our jobs or careers, relationships, family struggles or life goals and plans.   What issues are you expecting to face (or avoid) this week? this month? or chronically?  Often, repeating patterns show up as a familiar theme that we recognize yet feel helpless to change. Are you paying attention to the signs or ignoring them - no matter how much it hurts? Would you like to have more clarity, peace, joy and confidence instead?

"My Holographic Coaching sessions (incorporating my Life Repatterning method) can help you shift to a new chapter of your life with ease, confidence and inner peace." 

A simple enough formula but with an inner complexity that creates a perfect shift in awareness for your situation. In my HC sessions we start with a few givens:

  • thoughts are frequencies that create our perception,
  • what we resonate with is what we experience – positive or negative, coherent or non-coherent
  • our repeating patterns or non-coherent perceptions were formed at a time when our life needs were not met and we were constricted by that pain.
  • our own inner wisdom can access the precise pattern that is ready to shift for us today.
  • we can access the patterns that need to come to awareness and create a shift by using muscle checking and ancient wisdom maps of the chakra and meridian energy systems.
  • the information revealed is guided by our own inner wisdom (some might say higher self) that knows what is needed.

My role- 

As your facilitator, we work in partnership where our fields of energy entrain and I am guided by your inner wisdom and the Repatterning method to bring patterns to your awareness that underlie your current situation. 

What can you expect?   
Everyone has a unique experience of this process of greater awareness and coherence but generally speaking, most people feel things like...

  • a greater sense of clarity, calm, inner freedom, harmony and peace,
  • new insights or awareness of their situation gaining a new perspective
  • surprised at themselves taking action they could not take before
  • delight as other people start responding to them in a more positive way Circumstances may then magically shift seemingly on their own.

What types of situations can benefit from a Life Repatterning session? 

Facilitating sessions for others since 1997, the range of topics have included challenges, career /job, family relationships, business situations, home sales and renovations, dating and relationships, marriage or divorce arrangements, self-employment and more. Whatever your challenge Holographic Coaching helps you to find the pattern that needs to clear, the opportunity within your problem and a new pattern of coherence that leads to more fulfillment and sometimes, delightful, unexpected surprises. 

How Many Sessions are Needed? 

There is no set formula for how many sessions an individual needs, but over the years, on average I have noticed that somewhere between 3 and 5 sessions can help shift a core issue completely.  It takes longer for some as other core issues may also be blended in and still others find that one session provides the quantum leap they needed to create a transformative shift in being.  

Spiraling Toward Your True Self... 

However, At a deeper level, a commitment to repatterning work is a commitment to growth and positive change.  Over time this commitment leads us to be deeply self-aware, with compassionate intention, on purpose and fulfilling our life vision.   Each repatterning takes us energetically up a spiral toward the light of our true self where we are creating the life we truly desire.

"Doing Life Repatterning sessions over time helps us to reach milestones of adult development, live life on purpose, become aware of our true nature including our default patterns and learning to manage all of it to create a life story that makes sense to us." - Carolyn

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