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About Light Travels...with Carolyn Winter

About Carolyn Winter, Holographic Coach

Your World as a Hologram

The Power of Resonance
And Biofeedback

Integral You

Transformative Sessions 

What others are saying.... 

Welcome to Light Travels with me, Carolyn Winter -  I invite you to explore this ABOUT section to find out more about how the work I do may help you.  Topics include:

  • the analogy of a hologram for healing,
  • the role that the principles of resonance and biofeeback play in your personal improvement
  • the ultimate goal - integral you 
  • and the transformative session format involved 

"Problems, pain and limitations are patterns that we have an innate ability to handle and change.  Learn how to navigate your personal holographic universe and create positive change.  I am here to help!  Let's work together.  Select any section below and begin your journey! ... I would love to meet with you to have your questions answered.  Be sure to sign up for the free consultation." - Carolyn

Contact Carolyn Winter 
Phone: 416-763-6306


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