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Are you hopeful about where your life is going?

April 25, 2021 2:37 PM | Carolyn Winter (Administrator)

It's spring here in Toronto and typically the wood element qualities of this energy are all around us, - new beginnings, creativity, hope, positive self-assertion potential, identity and more.   But we are no longer in typical times with the 3rd and 4th wave of the pandemic crushing the hopes of many people everywhere that the pandemic rages.   While most of us are surviving, we are not really flourishing.  A recent New York Times article says it all.... THERE’S A NAME FOR THE BLAH YOU’RE FEELING: IT’S CALLED LANGUISHING.  Languishing is the word I think brilliantly captures how many are experiencing life in general if not the spring season.  It is the non-coherent side of wood element energy. 

The article claims if you are suffering from this non coherent state of being you are not alone and that I - feel, may be part of the problem. You are tapping into the collective energy – a morphic field of resonance of this frequency.    Conscious deliberate actions may be the way out.

Like the daisies  pictured above we need to be aware of our state of being and reach for a healthier response to life.  The daisies remind me of the qualities of hopefulness and positive self-assertion as the flowers defy hard gravel and cement (our collective feeling response about the pandemic) to find the light no matter how limited their space.  Now that is optimism!

Make the most of this season of new beginnings – pandemic and all.   Here are a few tips to help move that energy. 

1. Name Regrets and Appreciations -  The metal element exercise of naming your regrets can help kick start an improved energy cycle for you and move into the benefits of springtime energy. At the end of each day name your regrets and chase it down with at least 3 good things that happened for you today.  You get an endorphin boost if you write these down.  To address the monotony of pandemic days blurring together, record your regrets in a journal and date each day. As you look back in your journal chances are you will note progress!   

2. Revisit Your Life Vision - This is an outstanding time to review (or establish!) a life vision intention for yourself and list some short and long-term goals.   What small movement can you take to move your vision along? 

Members here at – Login to your account and visit your Profile page (see the link in the drop down under the login icon).  Scroll down and you will find a place to record your Life Vision Intention.  Return there to remind yourself  about what you wrote and where you are headed next in your life.  FYI you can also use this same statement in every group session I offer here at 

Spend some time with your Life Vision statement and visualize the possibilities to  get in touch with the quality of optimism within yourself.

3.  One last idea to grow wood element energy within yourself, - literally plant some seeds!   You don't have to be a big time gardener to get into wood element.  Buy a packet of flower seeds  and get them started according to the directions.  You will find the daily act of watering your seeds, watching them sprout, grow, really grow and then blossom will invoke many wood element qualities - anticipation, potential, hope, optimism, focus, timing, new beginnings and vision.  For the cost of a simple packet of seeds, the energy return is priceless.  Use it to ponder with more optimism and hope about where your life is going.

Lastly if you are seriously suffering from pandemic blues, consider a session with your therapist, or book a repatterning session with me  to access your inner knowing and reboot your state of being. 

With love and light

Carolyn Winter  

PS - you may also find the free Spring Equinox Repatterning session to be helpful.  Download the notes and use them to follow along with the video or audio.   Notice how the hologram anticipated you! 

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