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Energy Tools and Maps for
 Creating Positive  Personal Change for Yourself and Your Clients


..with Carolyn Winter

 6 Weekly Classes :
June 1, 8, 15, 22, 29  and July 6 2023  

Thursdays at 4:00-7:30pm Eastern 
[1:00pm Pacific | 2:00pm Mountain |3:00pm Central & 9:00pm London ]
Note: Eastern time is maintained with all seasonal time changes


Course Overview:

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For the Beginners CourseClick here for information on the Integral Life Repatterning Basics - Course of Beginners

For Repatterning colleagues, therapists, or counsellors looking to expand their knowledge base or tool bag of coaching options Life Repatterning Course  will add to your understanding of biofeedback and resonance.

Pre-Requisite - an understanding of muscle checking or biofeedback in a session of personal inquiry  and/or completion of Carolyn Winter's Integral Life Repatterning Course Basics 2022.   A pre-recorded lesson will also be provided for those without training for muscle checking. 

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN - In this course you will gain an understanding of Integral Theory and the possibilities this understanding brings to your personal growth and facilitating sessions for clients. You will learn how conscious awareness evolves along with the strengths and challenges of each stage.

This understanding alone often activates or unlocks new internal maps of thinking or conscious awareness that expands our perspectives, gives us more options for managing life, creates positive change and a feeling of wholeness and completeness within ourselves. We'll learn and make use of transformational repatternings to identify the left over pieces of earlier levels of growth that remain unresolved and hold us back from being fully ourselves accomplishing our goals. Our ultimate goal is to achieve a sense of wholeness where our life so far makes perfect sense to us and we wake up each day anticipating that something wonderful is about to happen for us.

This understanding is achieved with: 

  • an introduction to Integral Theory and 5 major maps of transformation
  • how to use repatterning with Integral theory to go to your next step or take your client to a next step of awareness
  • how to locate your center of conscious awareness and activate your next internal map of thinking
  • learning 9 repatternings including Mindfulness, Life Vision Intention, a repatterning for each of 7 Levels of Integral Growth 


COURSE OUTLINE - course participants meet for 6  classes live via zoom video conferencing weekly on Thursdays June 1 - July 6, 2023. Audio recordings are provided and select pre-recorded videos.  


  • Course overview / Life Vision Intention Repatterning 
  • Understanding Resonance - a deeper dive
  • Related Practices
  • The Role of Wise Self and the Auto Biographical Narrative  


  • Mindfulness Patterns for Transformation
  • Primary Energy Principles of Your Healing Presence
  • Incorporating The Life Repatterning Mandala and others to develop your unique style of helping others. 


  • Integral Theory & Practices for each level
  • Level 1 Repatterning -  Infant Phase
  • Level 2 Repatterning - Magical Phase


  • Level 3 Repatterning - Cultivating Power Phase
  • Level 4 Repatterning - Family & Group Belonging Phase


  • Level 5 Repatterning - Achiever Phase
  • Level 6 Repatterning - Social Justice Phase


  • Level 7 Repatterning - Becoming whole
  • The Importance of Integration + Integration Options

    Support Page... The course includes a program support page with recordings, course outline, repatterning downloads, and opportunities to connect with participants for practice.

    YES... There is a book!   A writeable PDF manual is included with this course that includes all of the repatterning inquiries.  It will be available 3-5 days prior to the start of class 1 

    Venue - Live and Interactive... We meet online via zoom video conferencing; audio recordings of the class are available afterwards.

    Ready to learn this method of self inquiry? I would love to share this information with you in support of your practitioner practice. I know you will never look back! Please register today!



    With light and love

    Carolyn Winter,

    Holographic Coach

    Copyright by Carolyn Winter 2023 
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