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What's The Story Behind Your Life Vision Intention?

October 17, 2020 3:18 PM | Carolyn Winter (Administrator)

Have you written out your Life Vision Intention on your Light Travels membership profile? Whether you have or not, your answer will give you a clue and shed light on your journey navigating your personal holographic universe.

The point of exploring the patterns within our self and clearing up the non-coherent patterns that are no longer working for us, is so that we can experience our self as living a happy life with happy endings each day and anticipate that we are at the beginning of something wonderful! We are able to look at our lives and say.... "My life makes sense to me so far!"

In the beginning, our journey can be quite challenging as we manage the ups and downs of life. The key word here is 'manage' because everything we encounter begs us to have some way of dealing with it - a way to manage relationships (significant other, parents, siblings, friends, colleagues etc.) manage time, manage a home, finances etc. But much of our responses to life are done by default - we just act and rarely think about it. Our actions are driven by our beliefs, values, and past experiences - both coherent and non-coherent. As we move forward in life, our unexamined actions can cause us many conflicts, betrayals, or unsatisfying results with life. As time passes, these patterns may become hopelessly entangled. We simply don't know why we are unhappy.

The life challenges we don't fully recover from may cause us to lose sight of our Life Vision or Purpose and we can feel that life is meaningless. We may get stuck in rut, feel negative about most things, self-critical or judgmental and anticipate life with fear or anxiety. Some express this as being out of touch with their higher self or their soul. Or it may well be that our Light Travels membership profile lacks a vision statement!

The optimistic thought about navigating a personal holographic universe, is that we can not only move towards our ideal life vision but we have the ability to create happy stories about our life along the way that will help to create it. Psychologists call it a coherent autonomous autobiographical narrative for our life. (Say that fast 3 times in row! LOL)

Our brain is always anticipating the future with a story of future possibilities AND we are the center of that story. However, it builds on the stories we have already archived about ourselves from the past. What are those stories? How can we reframe the negative ones and think of them as valuable experiences that gave us a gift of some kind.

I think of the movie "Slum Dog Millionaire" as a great example of this. The hero, Jamal Malik answers a police interrogation with one story of his life after another to help make sense of his winning status on the TV show "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” It portrays how taking every negative experience and looking for the gift or the good it brings us, creates a cumulative effect for anticipating something good happening in our lives.

The Jamal character demonstrates for us the way to move forward on our life vision no matter how dire our circumstances. In every present moment that we experience, we have a point of choice  to act on. Choose to see the best of every moment and make it positive because each present moment experience becomes a story we tell ourselves that the brain now archives. We want the complete collection of our life stories that the brain is accessing to be (at least on balance) positive, optimistic, compassionate, understanding, and encouraging - YES!!! ...a coherent autonomous autobiographical narrative for our life!

When we can access the best of who we are - our Life Vision is easy to formulate and we magically move forward towards its manifestation. Like Jamal says in the movie..."It is written."

Practice creating your amazing life story by writing out your Life Vision Intention. Start small with 2-3 sentences beginning with "I am moving towards my ideal life where...." and fill in the rest. Notice how you feel at the end. 

For Further support, I warmly invite you to explore your Life Vision and to resonate with the stories that help you to move forward. 

PS - For added support access this topic as a webinar at the PHD (Personal Holographic Discoveries) Archive Page.  Access over 12 repatterning sessions with a variety of topics.   Join as a premium member for $99/year to access.  

With light and love


Acknowledgement - With curiosity I have heard the term a "coherent autonomous autobiographical narrative for our life." a few times in the past but finally understood its full meaning in terms of healing inspired by a "Witt & Wisdom" podcast at with Dr. Keith Witt and Corey Devos. "Creating a Coherent Life Story". I am so grateful!

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