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Our Point of Choice

September 15, 2020 3:30 PM | Carolyn Winter (Administrator)

Every present moment offers us a point of choice to spiral our energy up towards happiness, relaxation, valuing ourselves and others, being energized and experiencing inner peace, calm, confidence and love.

Equally, we also have the choice to spiral down on a continuum of darkness that includes upset and tension, being reactive and angry, blaming and complaining, being afraid and depressed. When we have unresolved non coherent patterns buzzing around in our field of energy such as

  • unmet life needs for safety, protection from harm, respect, love, or meaning to name a few, 
  • unresolved earlier experiences, 
  • inherited non coherent energy patterns... 
...we can feel like a victim. In that state we tend to compound our patterns and spiral further down. Life can feel miserable. We are totally out of touch with our point of choice.

But as singer song writer Leonard Cohen wrote ".. there is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in".  In our deepest state of despair we can take the smallest of steps to redirect our energy and spiral upwards. Resonating with that upward movement is key.

We live in a causal world where everything can affect everything else. What can we do to spiral our energy up? Simply state our intention (in the present tense) "I am happy" "I am confident" "I am love" etc and select a healing option to put energy in our field in support of our intention.

What healing option?  Practice asking yourself "what would energize my intention in this very moment? What one thing could I listen to? Smell?  say out loud? or what one small micro movement could I take? For me, sometimes it's as simple as tidying up a desk top or putting away one book. It may be you need a short walk, 5 minutes of exercise or that meditation you learned to do online. Ask your inner self and an answer will pop in. Go with the first positive doable thing you hear. Notice how you feel following through.

In Holographic Coaching, I use muscle checking and a map of options to determine the best action customized for you and your situation today. Different options may check out for the same circumstances on a different day or for another person. Your higher self directs the choices and makes recommendations in the muscle checking process. It's highly customized.

When we come into an awareness of our point of choice or at least 'fake til we make it' we ignite new qualities in our life - we may feel empowered, lighter, optimistic and confident. We are also better at noticing when we slip backwards and are better able to reverse any downward spiraling course.

Navigate your personal holographic universe... Become aware of your point of choice. Throughout the day take a 1-2 minute pause and ask yourself "am i spiraling up or down?" Act on your point of choice.  Re-assert your positive intention of where you are going next. Keep it simple.  Intuit one small action you may take to spiral up. Notice how you feel.  Take a breath and notice yourself noticing your point of choice.  It's a small step with inner bigness! 

With love and light 


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