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What is so special about having a life vision, purpose or passion?

July 09, 2020 1:29 PM | Carolyn Winter (Administrator)

There is something very special about having a vision, knowing and acting on our purpose and passions or at least being able to keep adding to our life story and making sense of our daily life events.  In a generation or two gone by, that vision or purpose was inaccessible to most people,  as family, church or state dictated our lives.  We were happiest when our clan was happy and we did what was expected of us.   Individuals often had to live their lives through the expectations of others suppressing any desires to lead a different life.  A lack of personal happiness would  often lead to non coherent behaviors as work-around solutions.   The eldest son expected to take over the family business instead of following his dream of higher education is a common example or women expected to marry, have children and avoid a career altogether is another. 

Today, personal happiness has swung the other way and is much more valued in society.     In fact with the pressure to be personally happy, many are at a loss to know what that means.  In my practice I often receive the complaint from clients lamenting they are out of touch with their true purpose.   Not knowing or resonating with our vision or purpose we easily fall victim to life's circumstances.  

We have the opportunity to make thousands of choices each day .  Each choice we make either enhances our life story or invisibly creates chaos and upset moves towards non coherence when we are out of touch with our purpose. We make decisions so fast that we rarely stop to think of how they fit in with our values and direction we want to take our life. If our overall life vision, purpose or passions are undefined OR worse we know them but do not resonate with them, our life tends to take a course dictated by circumstances or other people. By acting on choices in a field of resonance that supports a life vision, we are supported in mastering the present moment and organically create a life of fulfillment that drives us toward our vision.   A feeling of happiness, contentment and fulfillment often accompanies this field of resonance. We feel at home within ourselves.

Author Ginnie Whitelaw says 'Everything is energy... resonance is how we shape it"

Having a life vision and resonating with your life vision helps you to consciously shape each present moment with decisions that support your life vision.  Life starts working out ... better than expected!   However, we must take the time to reflect on what that vision (or purpose or passion) is, and become aware of  how we act on it each day.    What gets in our way?  What decisions are in conflict with our vision?  How are we unconsciously blocking the manifestation of our vision?

Activate life vision at    If you are a member, you are invited to add your vision to your profile to keep your vision in your awareness as you use the site.   Access the power of group energy and add your intention to any of the group sessions here at Light Travels.   Notice how incrementally, you are moving towards your life vision often in unexpected, unexplained ways.  

With love and light 


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