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The Energy Season of Water Element Quality #4 - Clear Thought

January 20, 2023 5:03 PM | Carolyn Winter (Administrator)

Create a better life story when you resonate with the best of nature and your inner connection

The water element quality of 'Clear Thought' was one quality I had previously taken for granted and paid this aspect little attention. However it's  importance was highlighted for me as I recovered from my recent knee surgery. I had planned to fill my recovery days with reading and writing more aspects to my Integral Life Repatterning. I was really looking forward to that. So it was disheartening to greet each day with the feeling of brain fog. I was unable to focus, or get to the bottom of an issue and tired easily. Not coincidently, the pinnacle of my healing issues came as the winter solstice arrived (the season of water element and this quality).

After a few self-sessions and recognizing that this non-coherence is also related to the season I found a strategy to help reclaim my brain. I switched from goals for reading and writing to  sewing Christmas presents and finishing craft projects. Most of you know this is a source of joy for me anyway, but at this time it also sparked a new sense of motivation. The various projects and activity forced me to take things slowly and step by step, read the instructions and execute them. Completion of a project provided that endorphin rush that screams "YES! Lets do this again tomorrow!" I completed a number a projects with this strategy and now find myself completely out of that brain fog state.   Priorities have come into clear focus for me and I find myself thinking about things in deep reflective way - again the nature of this water element quality of CLEAR THOUGHT.

What qualities of Clear Thought do you resonate with? (and broadcast to others?).

What is your felt sense of the items below. (or muscle check if you are a recent student of my course)

Non Coherent Qualities involved:

  • I am easily confused.
  • I can't read or follow instructions.
  • I am unable to get clear about the real issue/need.

Coherent Qualities involved:

  • I think with clarity, depth and refection.
  • I easily read and follow instructions.
  • I ask for clarity when i am confused.

With love and light

Carolyn Winter

Holographic Coach

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