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The Energy Season of Water Element Quality # 2 Courage

January 06, 2023 5:53 PM | Carolyn Winter (Administrator)

Create a better life story when you resonate with the best of nature and your inner connection

IThe Season of Water Element supports the quality of having courage a quality that often takes us out of ourselves, transcends our fear and puts us into taking right action no matter how scary. Its not uncalculated. We don't act wrecklessly but we also don't hang back or procrastinate for saying or doing what is called for in any situation.

I remember an entire year of having to summon up this quality of courage in one of my first career jobs running a small daycare center. There were many care issues to discuss with parents - who were much older and experienced at child care than me!

The center participants were of every nationality and come the Christmas holiday season, the parent committee decided to host a pot luck with each family bringing a favorite dish of the their culture. Mexican, Spanish, Jamaican, Italian dishes soon filled the potluck board.

However, one family of 3 children held back. Their parents were Asian and spoke little English. Their authoritarion father in a curt and strict voice informed me they would not be attending. The children were very disappointed and I hardly knew what to say to them. Their Dad was difficult to approach. However, a few days before the event I summoned all the courage I had and quietly asked him if we could talk. I asked him to reconsider and explained how much it would mean to the children. My heart was in my stomach for sure... anticipating an angry response. To my astonishment he replied with a softened answer. "I will discuss it with my wife and let you know"

The next day he returned with an explanation and an answer. Their food he explained is spicy and strange to most people in north america. They won't like it and our children will be embarressed. BUT if you would come to our home for dinner before the event we will prepare several dishes - perhaps you could help us choose. I happily obliged and so glad I did. Their dish of mildly curried vegetables was very well accepted, the children were beaming with pride and after that...these parents became friendly and engaging with the other parents.

I often reflect on that moment of courage where I asked a  second time and how the outcome may have changed things in a positive way for the entire family.

What qualities of Reflection do you resonate with? (and broadcast to others?).

What is your felt sense of the items below. (or muscle check if you are a recent student of my course)

Non Coherent Qualities involved:

  • My fear stops me from going forward.
  • I am afraid.

Coherent Qualities involved:

  • I have the courage to face_____
    (name a person or situation relevant to you) 
  • I am fearless.
  • I face my fears and move into action.

I have options to help you Improve your life story now!...

With love and light

Carolyn Winter

Holographic Coach

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