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The Energy Season of Metal Element - Quality #7 - Fathering

November 08, 2021 1:00 PM | Carolyn Winter (Administrator)

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The Energy Season of Metal Element

Quality #7 - Fathering 

As of September 22, 2021 we are now in the seasonal energy of Metal Element that aligns with autumn in the northern hemisphere. Click here if you are in the southern hemisphere.

One of the most important repatterning topics I facilitate, especially with new clients, is the Parental Repatterning where we focus on our early relationship with one of our parents or primary caregivers and how they did or did not meet our basic life needs. These early parental patterns of non coherence have often set in motion a lifetime of limitations to help us avoid the pain or our needs not being met as we had wished. Our metal element quality focus for this week is on FATHERING.

What is your early experience of your father and your relationship to him?

Ideally, fathers set examples of right and wrong, teach their children values and ideals and being in right action. They can be counted on, trusted, and there to help us problem solve, to protect us and care for us. Filling a positive parenting role, fathers also teach us to set boundaries, be patient, how to discern things and be trusting, respectful and tell the truth. They help us to set goals and encourage us to reach them. As children, our fathers would take us seriously and listen to us or answer our questions.

If our fathers were not there for us as we needed, our metal element quality as adults may become harder to balance or maintain or certain things may trigger us. It may also be more difficult for us to stay in touch with our wise self throughout the day, the part of us that knows how to stay balanced and reach for appropriate behavior and action moment to moment.

How does your perception of your early experiences of your father relate to the obstacles or successes you experience today?

Improve your inner fathering quality with a visualization. Close your eyes and imagine your father and yourself at a pivotal time of your life. Even though he likely never said these things... imagine hearing him say messages such as the following to you...

  • " I am proud of you."
  • "If you need my help I am here for you."
  • "I am behind you 100% whatever you do or want to be."
  • "I give you my attention."

What qualities of FATHERING  do you resonate with? (and broadcast to others?)

Non Coherent Aspects -

  • I don't know how to be a good father.
  • There is no father figure in my life.
  • My father does not provide me with the values that enable me to handle life successfully with integrity.

Coherent Aspects -

  • I provide positive fathering energy
  • My father provides me with values and ideals that allow me to handle life circumstances with integrity and right action.
  • I have positive fathering role models in my life.
  • I remain connected to my wise self throughout the day and tune into the fathering wisdom it offers me.

How will you use the energy of the Metal Element Season and the quality of FATHERING to add to your positive life story... where everything makes sense and you anticipate being at the beginning of something wonderful happening for you?

I have options to help you Improve your life story now!... 

With love and light 


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