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Align With Nature...Summertime Quality #5 - Protection

July 26, 2021 11:11 AM | Carolyn Winter (Administrator)

The Energy Season of Fire Element

Quality #5 - Protection

The quality of PROTECTION is energetically rooted in the Fire Element acupuncture meridian called The Heart Protector. It's sole job is to protect the heart and in doing so performs much like a sentry guard at the palace gate or the gate-keeper. All the other 11 meridians of our energy system count on this one to be able to do their own job function of keeping us happy, healthy and whole. If the Heart Protector falls down on the job the other meridians fall into chaos as well.

The heart protector helps us to take actions to keep ourselves safe and protected from harm - physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and in relationship to others. When non coherent, we can feel alone, accident prone, we may mask our true feelings of hurt with laughter; we don't feel safe in close intimate relationships and may prefer to do without them.

When the Heart Protector is doing it's job the quality of PROTECTION is naturally regulating our thoughts and actions. We anticipate safety issues in our environment and make changes as necessary (wearing a mask in public, unplugging the iron, moving a sharp knife to a safe place on the counter, following the traffic signs for speed, caution etc). We avoid threatening situations and can trust our ability to discern if someone is trustworthy or not. In relationship, we trust ourselves to be vulnerable with our intimate partner. We are also able to face past traumas of closeness and intimacy and do the work of healing them often with a therapist or other healer.

Our Heart Protector regulates many decisions made throughout the day that keeps us safe. This quality of PROTECTION is activated energetically during the summer season. Take a few moments to reflect on your own quality of self-protection. Do you feel safe? Do you easily take safety precautions or take big risks to your safety? Are you able to trust who is good for you and who is not? .

What qualities of PROTECTION  do you resonate with? (and broadcast to others?)

Non Coherent Aspects - "I am accident prone."; "I distrust people."; "I get hurt"; or "I feel vulnerable, insecure and unprotected."

Coherent Aspects - "My immune system protects me"; "I feel safe and open with people."; "I am safe and accident free."

How will you use the energy of the Fire Element Season and the quality of protection to add to your positive life story where everything makes sense and you anticipate being at the beginning of something wonderful happening for you?

I have options to help you Improve your life story now!...

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With light and love 

Carolyn Winter
Holographic Coach

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