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Life Repatterning Basics 2 - The Five Elements

  • April 18, 2025
  • 11:00 AM - 1:30 PM
  • Online via Zoom video conferencing


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Life Repatterning Basics 2 - The Five Elements

Fridays beginning April 18 2025 

at 11:00am-1:30pm Eastern

[8:00am Pacific | 9:00am Mountain | 10am Central| 4:00pm UK | 8:30pm New Delhi]

Class Dates: April 18, 25, May 2, 9, 16, 30, June 6, 13 2025

Pre-requisite - Life Repatterning Basics 2 or working knowledge of muscle checking/mandala led repatterning sessions. 

Add 6 new repatternings to your library of Repatterning Inquires for deeper self sessions! 

"In this course I show you how to understand and use the inner workings of Five Element energy to clear blocks or issues you are facing and create flow for your intentions... 

We'll review the qualities and purpose of each of the  five  elemental energies in depth and how these energies support and control each other.  This intricate dance of energy shows up in a myriad of ways in the life challenges we face.  Simply knowing how the energies work can help us create more coherence for any situation.   We will learn to do a repatterning for each element plus a Feng Shui repatterning for your home or office space.  The repatterning inquiries include: 

  1. Wood Element Repatterning - Reaching for the Stars
  2. Fire Element Repatterning - Relationship Harmony
  3. Earth Element - Transition Success
  4. Metal Element Repatterning - Pathway to Abundance
  5. Water Element Repatterning - Using Our Innate Power and Wisdom. 
  6. Feng Shui Repatterning - 

What is Included in the course:

Venue - Live and Interactive... we use zoom video conferencing 

Audio recordings for each class and selected videos

A program support web page -  with all the class materials recordings, course outline, repatterning downloads, and opportunities to connect with participants for practice.  This is available for 1 year after the course. 


  • The Life Repatterning Basics 2 - The Five Elements Manual - A writeable PDF and related materials to facilitate unlimited self sessions after the course.  Use online or print from your computer/printer. 
  • A follow along writeable PDF work book for each class. 

Repatterning Inquiry Descriptions: 

Wood Element Repatterning - Reaching for the Stars - 

Associated with the season of spring are qualities that are all about new starts, having a vision of possibilities and reaching for what is possible. This repatterning helps us to set intentions that help us 'reach for the stars' of possible success. Our endeavors are supported by wood element qualities of inspired new ideas, right timing, a sense of direction, planning, living our potential and making good decisions. The intentions we set are like seeds planted in the spring. When we resonate with those intentions of possibility our fall harvest will be abundant!

Fire Element Repatterning - Relationship Harmony - The quality of our relationships has everything to do with our Fire Element energy for setting boundaries, regulating our relationship 'warmth', and being able to move from our self identity to a 'we' identity as we socialize with others without being 'taken over' by the energy of others. Repattern all of your relationship challenges with this repatterning and enjoy stronger more supportive relationships.

Earth Element Repatterning - Transition Success - Transitions happen for us every day as we move from day to night, night to day, going to and from work, in or out of marriage, contracts, career choices etc. When our earth element energy is coherent, transitions happened effortless and with ease. Non coherent earth element keeps us stuck, insecure, and anxious. Use this repatterning to support any and all transitions happening for you.

Metal Element Repatterning - Pathway to Abundance - Abundance lines - The new beginnings of spring's  wood element energy culminate in the fall season of metal element where we appreciate the abundance of all our efforts. A deeply spiritual energy, metal helps us to be appreciated, respected and valued. Coherent metal helps us to build a reserve of energy, vitality and money. It is a fathering type of energy that validates who we have become and strengthens our inner connection with the Divine or source. Metal energy helps us to let go of what no longer serves us and open the space for something new. Where do you need metal energy in your life?

Water Element Repatterning - Using Our Innate Power and Wisdom - Water Element energy helps us to own our inner power and wisdom when facing life's challenges. It governs a variety of fears and helps us to access our natural reserves of courage to overcome our them. At birth we are blessed with a finite download of inherited life force energy that supports our vitality. Water element helps us to use that energy wisely. Use this repatterning inquiry to clear any fears and anxieties that block you.

Feng Shui Repatterning - Feng Shui - the art of placing furniture and objects in our home for coherent energy that supports us is also based on the five element energy knowledge base. Use this repatterning inquiry to create coherence in your space using the five element and Feng Shui principles.   

"Take the mystery out of creating change through energy.  Get to know the five elements and how they are showing up in your life so that you can create the changes you want.  Feel the energetic difference before and after your sessions."

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