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WELCOME to SESSION 2 April 13th 2022
World Peace Hologram (WPH)  repatterning:  Creating Peace for the Ukraine/Russia Situation

Note:  This is the program participation page for our April 13th   event.  Scroll down to fill out the pre-session questionnaire if attending the live event plus zoom access details etc or to review the post event audio/video recording following along with the session notes which you may  customize   with your information.  This page is open to the public.  Please register if you wish to receive the reminders and follow-up emails related to this session. 

Creating Peace for the Ukraine/Russia Situation

 It's what happens to anyone who goes from crazy to extra extra crazy and is spiraling down - with no capacity to receive healing influence from other leaders or peers. As a result Russia's war on Ukraine and the daily atrocities are breaking our hearts. The overwhelming magnitude can make us feel helpless to help in a tangible way. We ourselves have to be on guard to maintain our own center of equanimity and choose the spiral of love.

It helps to remember that we are all instruments of resonance and connected on the energy grid of humanity. We are constantly uploading and downloading vibrations to this grid. Using that idea... together we can at least make a splosh in a positive direction for peace.

Beyond politics and who we feel is right or wrong (as Rumi is quoted) there is a field where only the power of love prevails and melts all negativity.

Meet me there...

Join me on April 13th for my next World Peace Hologram group session where our focus will be on creating peace for the Ukraine Russia conflict. Astrologer Julie Simmons will join me as the group proxy and voice for participants.

In this session you will have the opportunity to clear a personal issue and support an intention that mirrors our world peace issue. Together we will all make intentions for multiple aspects of the situation. I warmly invite you to attend or at least sign up and lend your energy to the session. The more people we have involved, the bigger and more long lasting the wave of influence we will be creating.

Join me April 13th to create a resonance of peace within ourselves and simultaneously create peace in the world focusing on the Ukraine/Russia situation. Let's do what we can to change the energy!

with love and light


Carolyn Winter

Holographic Coach


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