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" The journey of a thousand miles
begins with one step."
-Lao Tzu

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Support your overall Life Vision Intention

Repatterning for the Fall  Equinox
(Part of the Energize! Series)
September 21st (Everyone is welcome to participate - free!)
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Address the patterns that are limiting you and shape your energy field for inner peace, harmony and energy to move forward on your goals and plans.

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1. Set your overall life vision intention at your www.LightTravels.com account AND 
2. Set overall intentions for key areas of your life
  health, money, time, family, relationship or career/business.
3. Get monthly reminders to review and update your direction in life

ENERGIZE!  Join Light Travels ...and be included in Energize!
a daily Mini Repatterning and 4 seasonal repatternings. (Long distance healing)

Set your overall Life Vision Intention
(and resonate with it!)
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Where is life sending you a signal to change?  Get in touch with the clues, access your higher knowing and be supported with your next step: 

Personal Consultations

helps you locate and clear the invisible patterns you resonate with that block you from the experiencing happiness and success.

For a personal consultation  Contact Carolyn Winter

Telephone: 416.410.2349  

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